The Winter 10 Day Health Challenge


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The self-guided 10 Day Health Challenge provides you with guided, daily support to help you eat healthier, live vibrantly, and develop good habits.

Here’s what you get:

1) The Program Guide. Your 35-page, beautifully-illustrated guide (#foodporn) that will provide you with all the info you need during the ten days.  You’ll get the YES and NO foods list, troubleshooting tips, and lots of other resources.

2) The Winter 10 Day Meal Plan. Nourishing and easy-to-follow recipes made with all whole foods, plus a complete grocery list that will help you stock your fridge and pantry.

3) The Winter Grocery List. Just print and take to the grocery store!

4) Daily inspirational emails and community support. We want to keep you you motivated and mindful. Your “Daily Spark” could be “make a smoothie instead of coffee,” “try a new grain like millet or amaranth,” or “write someone a handwritten letter.”

1) Upon purchasing, please download all the pdfs to your computer or device to save for future use. You will have two downloads total to use on different devices. 

2) If you are interested in enrolling in the daily emails, please email us at with your specific start date for the Challenge. 


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