Haley Whitley

Co-Founder and Holistic Nutritionist

Originally from Oregon, Haley comes from a background in psychology, nutrition education, and fitness. After attending Hawthorn University for a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, she started her nutritional consulting business, 18grains Nutrition, and currently works with clients throughout the Bay Area. Haley creates individualized nutritional programs and inspires her community with nutritional education workshops, speaking engagements, and retreats; always following the guiding principle that optimal health begins with what we eat. You’ll also find her hiking the trails of Mt. Tam, surfing in warm Costa Rican waters, and teaching a kickass Pilates reformer class.

Claudine Dagit

Co-Founder and Natural Chef

Claudine is the founder and natural chef of her San Francisco-based company, Cooking with Claudine. She creates gluten-free and dairy-free whole foods recipes that harness the nourishing power of seasonal and natural ingredients. Claudine has a knack for making simple ingredients take on a new and creative twist, so that even the most experienced foodies are blown away by her incredible meals. She shows that it’s never too late (or too early!) to fall head over heels in love with food and the art of living healthfully. Between designing 10 Day Health Challenge’s seasonal menus, her private chef business and hosting wellness retreats, Claudine enjoys the outdoors, running on trails, and international traveling.

A match made in heaven!

We met as instructors at a Marin fitness studio and quickly realized we had much more in common than exercising, traveling abroad, and a Vitamix. Besides being foodies and health geeks, we also share a love for inspiring the people in our community (both locally and online) to lead a whole foods lifestyle. During one long trail run, wherein we shared our life and business goals with each other, the 10 Day Health Challenge was born and in autumn of 2015, we launched our first Live Challenge. It’s been growing and flourishing ever since.

Our type A (Haley loves organized google spreadsheets) and type B (Claudine would much rather take colored pens to a blank sheet of paper) personalities proved to be an excellent compliment to each other. The 10 Day Health Challenge program success reflects that partnership: straightforward, organized, and effective, but with a creative and inspiring touch that will leave you wanting more after the ten days are done!


Haley & Claudine

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