Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food is in the Challenge meal plans?
The 10 Day Health Challenge encourages a diet based on whole foods (think: anything that comes from the earth and is in it’s natural state). We say YES to fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and some animal protein. The options are endless and you will be amazed at how much variety there is. Our food lists and Meal Plans leave out processed and packaged food, sugar, alcohol, glutenous grains (wheat, barley, rye), dairy, soy, peanuts, and red meat.
Will I still be able to exercise on the Challenge?
Absolutely. This is not a juice cleanse and you will be consuming plenty of food and a healthy amount of calories (between 1300-1600). Feed free to adjust the portion size to account for strenuous exercise or other factors. As long as you follow the yes and no foods, you are still on the right track! Our Meal Plans are designed to give you a balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates and both plant and animal-based protein.
Do you have a vegetarian version of the Challenge?
Not yet, but it’s a-coming! Animal protein is not a component of every recipe, however, so the Challenge is easily adaptable for vegetarians. We recommend substituting a portion of grains and legumes for a portion of animal protein and also suggest you try to avoid soy during Challenge. Soy is a common allergen, often over-processed and genetically modified, and difficult for our bodies to digest. Our underlying philosophy about animal products is quality over quantity: We believe that small portions of wild fish, organic and humanely-raised animals, and free-range eggs are part of a healthy diet and important for helping our bodies grow and repair itself.  
Do I have to follow the program completely?
No! You can do as much or as little as you want. Can’t live without coffee? Fine, but maybe try cutting back to 1 cup a day. Have a wedding to go to during the Challenge? Maybe share a piece of cake instead of eating the whole darn thing! You can also use the program as a reference and something to turn to again and again when you need a little extra guidance in the grocery store and kitchen. You’ll find that many of our recipes — such as the Baked Egg Frittatas and the Seasonal Basecamp Granola — are staple recipes that will save you time, money, and inches on your waistline. Simply look at our Program Guide as a foundation to healthy eating and build from that as you see fit for your lifestyle. Hey, but if you want to be #hardcore and follow the full ten days- kudos to you!
Will I lose weight on the Challenge?
While weight loss is not the main goal, participants usually lose a few pounds. Then what IS the main goal of the Challenge, you ask? Changing bad habits, removing toxins, improving digestion, and increasing energy are some of them. When we eat whole foods as opposed to processed foods, we tend to eat less overall because we’re more satiated and feel full for a longer period of time. For example, 300 calories of baked sweet potatoes in much more satiating and nutrient dense than 300 calories of sweet potato chips.  
What if I’m pregnant or nursing?
First, we suggest you consult your doctor before embarking on the Challenge. It really depends on the state of your normal — or current — diet. If you regularly eat a well balanced and whole foods diet, then cutting out foods like dairy, peanuts, sugar and beef should not have a negative effect on you. If you eat a lot of processed and refined food or have issues with allergens, then the Challenge may present some problems for you. The process of shifting to a whole foods diet means you will begin eliminating stored toxins, and if you’re nursing, these toxins can flush out in breastmilk. Nevertheless, most women who are expecting or nursing find that eating a clean, whole foods diet is the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.
What if I can’t start on the official start date?
No problemo. The 10 Day Health Challenge was designed to be self-guided and a resource you can use over and over, whenever you want. It’s yours to keep (just make sure you save it somewhere on your computer!). When you decide to officially start, let us know and you’ll get a series of daily emails to keep you motivated and on track as well as access to the private Facebook page where you can share stories and get support from fellow challengers. We’ve got you covered.
How will I get the materials?
Upon enrolling, look for an email in your inbox with the subject line, “10 Day Health Challenge: It’s a GO!” Inside you will find all your pdf downloads: the Program Guide, 10 Day Meal Plan, Grocery Shopping Lists, and Daily Sparks. Save them to your computer or device and spend some time looking over everything so you’re ready to roll when the start date comes along. If you’re starting on one of our live launch dates, we’ll announce the start date. If you’re starting on your own time, make sure to email to let us know when Day 1 is.

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