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We’re Haley and Claudine, founders of the 10 Day Health Challenge. Habits, as we all know, are hard to change- but there’s no better time than now! Through the 10 Day Health Challenge, you will kickstart a healthy lifestyle, cleanse your body, and feel empowered in the kitchen.

Join us, and a support system of hundreds of other participants for our 10 Day Health Challenge as we embark together on our journey toward total body wellness. It’s designed to be self-guided, so YOU can decide when you want to start!

The 10 Day Health Challenge Includes…

An Easy to Follow 10 Day Meal Plan

Our nutritionist-approved, balanced meal plans pack in the nutrients without skimping on flavor. Each breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack is carefully crafted to provide you with a well-rounded diet that will fuel you throughout the day and support your normal exercise regime.    

Whole Food Recipes From a Professional Chef

These seasonal recipes are ridiculously easy to make and naturally nourishing. Because we focus on prepping ingredients ahead of time and using leftovers, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen but get more bang for your buck. We guarantee you will not miss the chips, cookies, or cocktails!

  • YES foods include: veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, plant and animal-based protein such as chicken and fish, nuts, and healthy oils.
  • NO foods include: all processed foods, sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, and coffee.

Ongoing Nutritional Support

We want to support you in accomplishing your own specific goals during these 10 days. Maybe it’s to lose a few extra pounds, learn some new cooking tips, or just clean up your diet? Our Program Guide provides you with goal-setting and tracking logs, your YES and NO food lists, and troubleshooting tips. Plus, we’ll be emailing you with tips on a daily basis in order to keep you on track.      

Grocery Shopping Lists

We try to make this as simple as possible so you have everything you need on hand and won’t waste food. Plus you’ll be able to build your pantry with new ingredients such as chia, coconut oil, and hemp hearts.

In less than two weeks, the 10DHC helped me and my husband get closer to achieving our health and wellness goals. Jess

Speech Language Pathologist, Windsor, CA

Haley and Claudine’s program gave me lots of ideas that made day-to-day eating easier, efficient, and even cost-effective. Michelle

Founder of Michelle Sanders Communications, Seattle, WA

I didn’t think something like this was doable for a busy professional, but it SO IS! I will take many tools from this. You ladies have changed how I eat and I cannot wait for the next one! Erin

Investor Relations, Northgate Capital, Danville, CA

You also get…

Daily Motivation

Nutritional support and inspiration to keep you on track, including your Daily *Spark


 Email Support

Questions during the Challenge? You’ll get exclusive access to Haley and Claudine via email.


Community Support

Let the 10DHC community support you with social media and online forums.


Why should I join?


Reset Your System

On our meal plans, you’ll cut out sugar, processed foods, gluten, and dairy, therefore eliminating toxic chemicals, highly acidic food, and common allergens. Think of it as a reboot for the immune system.

Sugar Detox

Sugar is altogether TOO common in our diets today and sometimes the best way to quit is cold turkey. Nutrient-dense foods, fiber, and healthy fats will help you support a no-sugar diet. You can do it!l

Increased Energy

Even without coffee (*gasp!) participants rave about how energized they feel throughout the day. The 10DHC meal plans support daily exercise and even promote better, more restful sleep.

Shed Those Extra Pounds

Clean eating means less snacking and less mindless eating- no empty calories! You’ll feel less bloated in just a few days while on a whole foods meal plan.

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